Introduction to TISERF

Empowering Dentists, Preserving Natural Dentition, Shaping the Future of Surgical Dentistry

We educate and empower dentists, preserving natural dentition through surgical endodontics, promoting innovation, and delivering personalized patient care.

Our Vision

The Institute trains leading dentists in advanced surgical techniques and innovative materials, enhancing patient care and quality of life.

Our Mission

Educating dentists in surgical endodontics for preserving natural dentition and providing personalized patient care.

Our Goals

We educate surgeons, foster innovation, serve communities, advance healthcare through research, and promote lifelong learning.

Rooted in knowledge, growing in expertise - Discover the art and science of Endodontics with our courses

Experience the mastery of Endodontics, from theory to practice with our expert-led courses – Unlock your potential today.

Our Courses

Enhance your endodontic skills with our top-quality courses

Welcome to our Institute, where our mission is to educate and empower endodontists and dentists who are dedicated to serving patients and the healthcare system. We prioritize preserving natural dentition through surgical endodontics and offer single implants when necessary.

Endodontic Microsurgery

Discover the Potential of Endodontics: Learn from Renowned Expert Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad in our Exceptional Course.

Our Academics

Why attending CE courses are good for your dental practice

Attending CE courses can benefit your dental practice in many ways

Stay on top of the latest techniques

CE courses provide you with the latest information on new technologies and techniques in dentistry

Learn about a new piece of equipment or technology

New technologies in dentistry are constantly being developed and offer new benefits for patients to experience quicker.

"Unlock your potential at our Training Center with transformative courses in endodontics and dental implantology. Join us and elevate your dental career!"

Why Choose Us

Why choose TISERF?

Join us at TISERF as we revolutionize surgical dentistry through transformative education, innovation, and collaborative efforts. Shape the future of dentistry and make a lasting impact on patient care.


Choose TISERF for adaptable schedules, allowing you to balance your learning with professional commitments.


Opt for TISERF's unparalleled standards of education, ensuring excellence in endodontics and dental implant training.


Join TISERF to benefit from a diverse and international learning environment, fostering a global perspective in dentistry.


Gain access to TISERF's renowned faculty, comprising industry experts who impart in-depth knowledge and specialized skills.


Experience unwavering guidance and assistance throughout your journey with us, ensuring your success and growth.


Choose us for accredited programs that provide recognized certifications, validating your expertise in endodontics


Faculty Members​

Our esteemed faculty members are leading experts in surgical dentistry, bringing vast knowledge and experience to deliver top-quality education and mentorship.

Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad


Dr. Mo Fayad


Dr. Patricia Tordik


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Our state-of-the-art surgical training and research center for Endodontics is dedicated to advancing the field through innovative techniques and education.

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